About Ax3soft Corporation


l          Ax3soft  Co., Ltd. is the professional software corporation which provide network monitoring and management products. Since the establishment of the corporation , adhere to independent innovation, independent research and development, based on enterprise information security market, focused on network security, monitoring, management. Our intrusion detection products based on the global market,  users across North America , Europe, Asia and so on. And get users high praise because of powerful features, easy to use and improve the design of the service.


Why Choose  Sax2 IDS?

Because Sax2 IDS  is very powerful, easy to use, efficient and deployment simple.


l          More than 1,500 the security policies of system can identify most of the current known network attacks, and system provide an expert diagnosis functions for ARP deception, denial of service, network Trojan attacks, and other complex attacks.



l          Only click start button to monitor the network, no matter if you have a wealth of knowledge of network security, can respond to the challenges of network security with ease.

Efficient & Accurate

    Through in-depth analysis with the protocol, and reorganize and revert the content of communications to, in this way greatly enhance the system's performance and efficiency, and the accuracy of detection and reduce the rate of false positives.


Deployment Simple

  A sax2 will be able to monitor the entire corporation network through the simple deployment (Installation & Deployment)