Customer Feedback

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This tool provides a very nice GUI front end to what appears to be a solid IDS back end. If you are running a server, a product like NAGIOS would probably be a better choice, however if you are unfamiliar with that level of tool, this product is a major step up from your average firewall. The learning curve is relatively short and even if you run something more advanced on your servers this can still make a nice monitoring tool for your workstation (always assuming you are running windows).

-J Stover

Pros: The best user interface of a IDS that I have seen, real time packet capturing and analysis, very low system impact, minimal network overhead, quick to load, detailed explanation of each intrusion type, interface is REALLY intuitive.

Cons: I Honestly cannot think of any.....
Summary: All in all this is an amazing system, after screwing around with snort for about 3 hours, and not getting it working, even with the front end interface winIDS installed, still could not get it. Downloaded this installed it and it ran. Period. Not for the n00b who does not know how to interperet the results but the interface is amazing so you could probably learn.

- Morgan Abele  

Ax3soft Sax2 intrusion detection  systems (IDS) is simple and easy to use. Cost-efficient.”

-Alex Lee

I really like the fact that it does not put any extra services running
in the background on startup. I think it is great that you can simply turn it off and exit it when you don't need it. So many of these types of software leave bits and pieces running in the background after you have shut it down. This does not.
Excellent tool for those wanting to see what is happening under the
hood of their network.


It is an excellent tool and promises to be useful for intrusion detection and prevention even in a hostile or particularly susceptible environment.


Read the book about electronic security and this open my eye to this world, so I truly needed to look at the SAX2 software to see what is really happening and SAX2 is simple enough to see right away what is happening out there.

Stephane E