Screenshots of Unicorn

Simple and intuitive dashboard

Monitors Network traffic and Network bandwidth details in graphs..



Monitors key network statistics in real time.


Node statistics

Node statistics display real-time data organized by network node. You can view Node statistics in a hierarchy view or in a variety of flat views.


Conversation views of sax2 intrusion prevention systemProtocol statistics

Protocol statistics show network traffic volume, in packets and in bytes, broken down by protocol and subprotocol. You can view Protocol statistics in a hierarchical or flat view     


Event views of sax2 intrusion prevention systemEvent View

Automatically troubleshoot network and suggests  solutions.


Powerful Conversation Analysis

Monitors all conversations and reconstruct network transfer.

In-depth Packet Decoding

Unicorn captures packets transmitted on network and displays packet decoding detail in Hex and ASCII.


Logs views of sax2 intrusion prevention systemMonitoring Multiple Network Activity

Monitors HTTP, Email, DNS and  FTP activity and save them as log.

Nodes explorer of sax2 intrusion prevention systemMultiple Responses Mode

Unicorn can send a email to you, execute external programs or send console message when an event is triggered.