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 Unicorn network analyzer is an Ethernet network analyzer (aka. packet sniffer or protocol analyzer) for network monitoring and troubleshooting purposes. It performs real-time packet capturing, 24/7 network monitoring, advanced protocol analyzing, in-depth packet decoding, and automatic expert diagnosing.

Unicorn network analyzer offers a summary-to-detail, intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface that network engineers can use to rapidly analyze and troubleshoot enterprise networks, Officers of a company can use to  monitor user activity on network. it can also be used for debugging protocol implementations by aficionados that want to learn more about how network protocols work.

Key Features

Real-Time Packet Capture

Unicorn can capture packets in real-time and save these into a disk file, including wired network and wireless network, like Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, 802.11a/b/g/n/ac wireless (Including 3-stream),  MPLS, and VLAN, then generate a variety of statistics of transmissions over the network, you can quick visualizing and interpret  entire network transmission from different perspectives and find out which nodes are communicating, which protocols and sub-protocols are being transmitted, and which traffic characteristics are affecting network performance with these statistics.

Real-Time Analyze and Automatic Expert Diagnosing

Unicorn can monitor and analyze  key network statistics, application vs network latency in real-time to troubleshoot enterprise networks and generate alarms with diagnostic strategies to be offered.

A Variety of Alarms Notice

Unicorn can send alarms notice via console message, email and external program. It allows you to opportunely understand the network conditions.

In-depth Packet Decoding

A Variety of Logs

Unicorn offers a variety of logs, include diagnostic event log, web access log, e-mail log, ftp transfer log and so on. these logs be saved to disk file, helping identify security and confidential data handling violations.

Unicorn Network Analyzer How tos




Who Needs Unicorn Network Analyzer?

Want to identify, diagnose, and solve network problems.
Wanted to log the websites that your users were visiting.
Needed to monitor corporate communications, both in email messages and on instant messaging platforms.
Wanted a network monitoring solution that did not require client installation at individual workstations.

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