Q: What can I do with Unicorn?

A: Unicorn comprises many features.

Network administrators: Diagnose network faults, detect the PC infected virus, monitor network traffic, analyze network protocols, and detect network vulnerability.

 Company IT administrators: Monitor the overall network health and infrastructure health, and view the statistics and reports.

 Security managers: Monitor all network activities to detect any violations of the company security policy with forensic analysis.

Consultants: Analyze network troubleshoots, solve network problems for customers, and optimize network capability.

Network application developers: Debug network applications, optimize program capability, test the content sent/received, and examine network protocols.

Q: Can I build my own traffic filter?

A: Yes, in Unicorn, setting up a set of rules can help you filter the traffic you are interested in. The filters help user to speed up analyzing and displaying packets, enabling you to focus on what you are really interested in.

Q: Can Unicorn monitor the traffic utilization in the network?

A: Yes. Unicorn provides users with detailed network statistics information of the overall network or each network segment, traffic utilization status, top talkers, congestion, MAC/IP address or protocol, bitrate, and TCP transaction statistic etc.

Q: Our LAN is connected with a hub, but I can only detect my own traffic.

A: Generally, if a NIC supports promiscuous mode it can work well with Unicorn, a possible reason is your hub actually acts as a switch though labeled as a hub (e.g. Linksys hubs). Another possible reason is you are using a multi-speed hub, in which case you can't see the traffic from the stations
operating at the speed that is different from your NIC's speed (e.g. if you have a 10 Mbit NIC, you can't see the traffic generated by 100 Mbit NICs).

Q: How to configure port mirroring?

A: Please read your switch's manual or visit its website to learn how to setup port mirroring. Or you may ask their technicians for help.

Q: Does Ax3soft Unicorn enable me as a network administrator to easily see who is listening to the radio and downloading music online?

A: Yes. The standard ports for media protocols are: RTSP - port 554, PNM - port 7070 (also known as PNA port), MMS - port 1755. By setting port rules using Simple Filter you can easily find out who is visiting media resources; to monitor the downloads of media files (e.g. .rm), you can set a URL filter for HTTP analysis by using Advanced Filter.

Q: Can I export packets captured and  log in different formats?

A: Yes. Unicorn can export packets in many formats, and export log in many file and image formats. Please check the relative section to get the details.