Network Security Experts - Sax2


Sax2 is a proactive network security prevention software, providing real-time internal and external attacks detection. With analyzing all traffic in network, Sax2 detects breaches of security strategy and the signs of being attacked in the network system, and then intercepts and stop before invasion.

Sax2 based on analysis of internet protocols. The most important technology is an efficient multi-pattern matching algorithm to analyze, in real time, complex and high-speed network rapid and accurately. It provides in-depth data in network security and network performance to secure your network and system. Sax2 is the major products of three-dimensional depth, multi-level defense for enterprise, school and government.

Main Technology


Based on the Analysis of the Protocol

Sax2 improves system performance and efficiency with in-depth analysis protocols (IP, TCP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, etc.), accurate tracking network conversations, reorganizes TCP/IP data, submitting the reorganized data to detection engine.

The Structure of Sax2 Network Intrusion Detection System

Adopt the Repaid Multi-pattern Matching Algorithms

Sax2 adopt the repaid multi-pattern matching algorithms and protocol analysis to deal with the network communications faster and more efficiently.

The New Components of the System Architecture

The system is composed of several modules: packets capturing, protocol analysis, matching rules, comprehensive diagnosis, incident response, security policy management, saving log and results display. With ach groupware response for a module and work together, Sax2 achieves data collection, analysis, incident response and data management of Intrusion Detection System.  

Comprehensive recognition of internet attacks

Sax2 reduces omissions and misstatements with more than 1500 security rules to ensure the validity of attacks characteristics. Users’ system will be in the best condition at any time with Sax2’s knowledge base update.

Flexible Security Policy Settings

According to different needs, users may customize the security strategy and targeting intrusion detection system.  

Plenty of statistical functions

Sax2 displays each IP address in network, MAC address in detail the flow, all kinds of conversations, events and so on.

Powerful Filtering Capabilities

Sax2 may filter all the communications according to the settings, such as, web access, email message, content of FTP transmission, MSN content and so on.