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The Articles and Tutorials section is an online resource for customers who wish to learn more about Sax2, and to share their experience and product knowledge with others.

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Release Date Subject Author
March         19,2009 How to Monitor Network Traffic  
March         18,2009 How to Monitor Email Activity  
March         20,2009 How to Monitor IM Activities with Sax2  
March         20,2009 How to Detect Hacker Attack With Sax2  
Jan.            23,2009 How to Quick Locate ARP Attack Source  
October      9,2008 How to detects and remove Erazer Lite backdoor  
September 10,2008 How to detects and remove Gray Pigeons backdoor  
March         26,2009 How to Prevent Denial of Service Attacks  
June           13,2009 How to customize the response of event  
Aug            26,2009 How to Detect Cookies Stealing XSS Attacks  
Sept.          24,2009 How to Detect and Remove WinEggDrop.Shell Trojan  
Sept.          24,2009 How to  Remove Eclypse Trojan  
August       19,2009 Prevent a cross site scripting (xss) attacks  
Sept.          24,2009 How to Remove TrojanSpy.Win32.DKS from Your Compute  
Jan.           27,2010 Detect SQL Injection Attacks with Sax2  
Jan.           28,2010 How to Detect Backdoor&Trojan with Sax2  
Apr.           12,2010 How to Detect and Prevent Cookie Stealing  
July            15,2010 How to customize the policy of Sax2 to detect E-Mail Phishing Scams  
July            20,2010 How to Detect and Prevent Phishing Scams  
Sept.          28,2010 How to detect and remove the Trojan.IRCBot  
Oct.            20,2010 Prevent to Download a Malware with Sax2  
Sept.          28,2014 How to Prevent Mobile Devices to Connect Internet with Sax2  
Sept.          29,2014 How to detect the botnet Attack with Sax2  
Sept.          28,2014 How to Prevent Mobile Devices to Connect Internet with Sax2  
January       1,2015 How to prevent ARP spoof or Attack?  





Release Date Subject Author
October  10,2008 What is Intrusion detection system  
October  10,2008 What is Network intrusion detection system  
October  11,2008 How to Detect a Hacker Attack  
October  28,2008 Prevent hacker probing: Block bad ICMP messages  
October  28,2008 Trojan Programs  
March     18,2009 Why is a firewall alone not enough? What are IDSes and why are they worth having?  
March     18,2009 Intrusion Detection Systems (tasks & architecture)  
March     25,2009 Network Intrusion Detection Signatures, Part One  
March     25,2009 Network Intrusion Detection Signatures, Part Two  
March     25,2009 Network Intrusion Detection Signatures, Part Three  
July        27,2009 What is SQL injection?  
Aug        15,2009 DNS spoofing  
Aug        28,2009 How to Avoid Phishing Scams  
Aug        28,2009 Injection Flaws  
Sept.     14,2009 The advantage of Intrusion Detection System based on protocol analysis  
July        5,2010 What were the major challenges confronted by NIDS  
Oct.       19,2010 Intrusion prevention system  
Oct.       3,2010 Five Ways To Stop Mass SQL Injection Attacks  

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