How to Monitor MSN Chat with Sax2


In Logs Window, besides the three original logs: HTTP Requests, Email and FTP Transfers , we can monitor real-time activities and detailed messages of MSN instant messengers. The following picture 1 is an example of MSN Activities.

Monitor MSN Chat with Sax2

(picture 1)

1.Automatically save all messages for future reference

By default Sax2 will not save logs of those IM activities, to enable this function, we have to make some log settings. Let's take MSN log as an example:

Click "Options" button on the menu bar and then a dialog box will pop up as displayed in picture 2, then switch to "MSN Analyzer" Settings page,

(picture 2)

We can see Log File(s) is disabled. To enable log files, we have to click "..." to open another dialog box where we can define full  path to log file.

2.IM Activities Information

Date              - date information of the activity;
Time              - time information of the activity;
IP1                - IP address of the node that is conducting the IM activity;
Account        - account that is conducting the IM activity;
Transactions - detailed message content;

All IM messages are listed in time sequence, Picture 3 is an example of MSN messages.

(picture 3)


  • No need to purchase another IM monitor;
  • Save all IM messages for future reference;
  • Prevent business secretes from leaking out via IM activities;
  • Learn how much time your employees are spending in personal chatting during working hours;
  • Monitor MSN chat in real time;