How to Monitor Network Traffic  with Sax2


This article is to discuss how we can monitor network traffic .Sax2 make it easy for us to monitor and analyze network traffic in its intuitive and information-rich window. With Sax2's network traffic monitor feature, we can quickly identify network bottleneck and detect network abnormities.

1. Monitor network traffic in "Status" windows

Project status window shows the current status of the operation, including start time, duration, capture packets, buffer usage and real-time network traffic.

2. Monitor network traffic in "Statistical" window

"Statistical" is a view that provides general statistical information of the entire network or the selected node in the "Node Explorer". In "Statistical" we can get a quick view of the total traffic. When we switch among the node from the node explorer, corresponding traffic information will be provided.

we can monitor network traffic by statistical window

3.Monitor network traffic in "Conversations" window

In "Conversations" window we can monitor network traffic by each conversation and the figure out which conversation has generated the largest network traffic.

we can monitor network traffic by each conversation

As we can see, we can  analyze and monitor network traffic in deferent levels  with sax2, thus enables us quickly and efficiently detect network abnormities and troubleshoot network problems.